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Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Integrity Policy Home

"The papers provided by serve as model papers for students and are not to be submitted 'as is'. These papers are intended to be used for research and reference purposes only."

Important Points

Customers purchasing a custom model answer from Dissertation India/Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd must use this as a guide only to help them to produce their own piece of work. 
The custom model answer that the customers purchase from Dissertation India/Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd should not be considered by the customers as their own work.
Dissertation India/Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd does not give any copyright for the work that it commissions for its customers.

All services provided by Dissertation India/Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd come with the above stated pre-conditions. Further, refunds/claims arising out of submission of work(Passing the work provided as one's own work to College/Institute/University) provided by Dissertation India/Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd will be considered VOID Ab Initio.

At Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd., we know the value of good education and we maintain a very strong academic integrity policy. Our job is solely in the role of tutor, mentor, and editor/proof reader. While we will consult with students, researchers, and businesses, we always work within strict ethical parameters. We do not work to come up with answers for you, but instead consult with you and tutor you so that you can come to your own conclusions.

The work we provide here at Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd. is not intended for direct submission, but rather to be used as a reference document

We do not sell guaranteed works, nor do we guarantee passing grades. We also do not sell work that is written by others. Our goal is to do what we can to help you create the best documents possible by providing you with the highest quality of editing and tutoring services possible. This we do giving you the skills needed to create the quality papers that you are looking for. The references cited by us are most suited for your work, and by going through them, you can have a greater knowledge of the subject. Even the statistical tools used by our statisticians are chosen after much deliberation and ensure that you get the perfect results. Each and every step that we use in your research and analysis is explained to you, to ensure that you are in command of your work and can present it confidently to your evaluators.

Our role is not to do your work for you, but rather to work very closely with writers and statisticians to help them create the high quality documents that are academically proper documents. When you are putting your hard work, research, and effort into your papers, it is our pleasure to be able to provide the guidance and advice that you seek and to help ensure that your questions are fully answered. You are ultimately the master of your work and we promise that the work you present helps you show off your potential and abilities in the best light possible. We know that you are willing to do what it takes to succeed and we are here to help, without compromising our ethics or the integrity of your education.

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