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Bio Statistics

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Our expertise in bio statistics and medical research writing is probably the best in Asia.  Dissertation India provides the most comprehensive research support for medical research paper writing. We provide our help in medical proposal writing, conducting medical research, bio statistics; SAS based research on medical issues and clinical trials and writing the analysis of the research.

Medical research writing assistance provided by us helps you to complete your research well in time. Our experts have the requisite experience and knowledge to assist you in completing the following :

Data management & Biostatistics
Development of questionnaires and conducting validation & reliability studies
Development of concepts, implementation of methodology, analysis and report writing related to nutrition, dietetics and epidemiological studies.
Conducting Glycemic Index & Satiety Index Testing (Food Based Clinical Trials)
Conducting epidemiological & Nutrition studies
Market research
Development of Health care software applications (including Nutrition & Dietary applications)
Grant Proposal writing

Statistical tools and analysis is required consistently during the medical research process. Statistical research begins early in medical research during lab experiments, so as to ascertain the sample size. Further analysis of the data reveals the impact for the wider range of population. The importance of statistics in the medical sciences is increasing every day. As new research is being done and new treatments being discovered, the validity of those discoveries needs to be proved with the help of strong statistical analysis.

Bio statistics is today relevant in a large number of fields, like public health, population genetics, systems biology, ecology etc. As such, research needs to be done to complete studies in this sphere from a number of universities around the world. If you are a student and want to concentrate on the medical part of your study, you can choose to outsource your statistical analysis,part to us. Even if you just need guidance, we are there to help you with the work at every step. .

If you are a pharmaceutical company looking to outsource your statistics work to an inexpensive and reliable KPO, look no further. We can provide you with a comprehensive and competitive quote on bio statistics and can set up your operations quickly. Bio Statistics division of our company is a separate vertical and is looked after by a team of experts who have a wealth of experience in this field. Apart from conducting the analysis with the accurate tools and methods, we also make sure that the data collected by you is suitable for the research you wish to conduct.

To know more about our services, we request you to fill up the enquiry form or call us at 0091-11- 2735-7534. Our agents will guide you through the process and understand your requirement to be able to provide you with a quote.