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Kalpesh Jain is program manager for research assistance at Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd.

Avoid This Mindset If You Want to Win over PhD

If you look at the attrition rate in PhD programmes, you will be surprised to know that around half of the candidates fail to win over their PhD. This majorly happens because of their improper focus and mindset. However, we … Continue reading

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How to write your thesis with clarity?

The purpose of writing is to communicate an idea in a lucid and precise manner. For your writing to be effective you must first organize your thoughts as to what are you want to say. Then write sentences such that … Continue reading

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How to write winning grant application for PhD funding?

Confidence and perfection in work play vital role in convincing another person about abilities an individual has and his assessment is done accordingly. It is important to understand the target of any activity. Grants are funding amount given to facilitate … Continue reading

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When to Overcome the Perfectionism

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” A lot of times, I read such motivational quotes and sayings for a little inspiration required to complete each chapter of my thesis. I have always been … Continue reading

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Academic/Scientific Writing Tips – Series 1

 The most important thing in academic and scientific writing is the clarity in the content.  It is surely advisable to keep the language simple and not decorative in academic writing. The stress should be more on making sure that the … Continue reading

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The lures of a PhD Programme may not be as they Appear

A lot of students are lured into a Ph.D. programme, and most of them have some common reasons to do so. They all believe that the field is very lucrative, and it offers a whole lot of opportunities, both within … Continue reading

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Get persuasive while writing your thesis

It will be a dream come true for any researcher to see his guide engrossed by his thesis. What if the rationale of your thesis is so convincing that the reader understands, and agree with your view point? This would … Continue reading

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How to deal with PhD stress?

The name PhD in itself brings a lot of emotional stress that one has to go through from the beginning to the end of the PhD course. Stress begins getting more painful and adverse in the completion stage when PhD … Continue reading

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Analysing Data: A Fairly Straight Forward Job

After defining the research problem, developing the sampling plan, preparing the questionnaire, the real work begins right after data is collected. Data analysis may sound drastic but in fact, this is the simplest job you do in PhD. The entire … Continue reading

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How to give feedback for a Research Paper?

There will be times when you would be working on combined research papers or co-authoring with other researchers. These may be one of the situations, when you will be expected to give your feedback to others from time to time. … Continue reading

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