Avoid This Mindset If You Want to Win over PhD

If you look at the attrition rate in PhD programmes, you will be surprised to know that around half of the candidates fail to win over their PhD. This majorly happens because of their improper focus and mindset. However, we do not want you to make the same mistake. Thus, we share a few tips to help you avoid a wrong course of action and set your mind right to achieve your PhD degree successfully.

  • Excessive attention to grades: While it is important to focus on your coursework, stop bothering excessively about grades. At the PhD level, you must balance your coursework and your extensive research work that demands most of your time. Do not get distracted by spending a significant amount of time on coursework and moving away from real objectives.
  • Wide learning: There is definitely a good amount of learning involved when you pursue a PhD programme. However, ensure that you are doing focused learning that is oriented towards achieving your thesis goals. Avoid learning widely and attending classes that do not contribute much to your goals. You will end up wasting time and developing stress later when work submission deadlines start approaching.
  • Achieving perfection: It will be in your best interest not to become a perfectionist. While a bright PhD student should aim at perfection, it should be targeted within a limit. For instance, if you start polishing your PhD thesis until you achieve perfection, then you will not stop doing that, as perfection has no limits. This will keep other important tasks at the backseat.
  • Procrastination: Avoid developing stress that mostly occurs in PhD students because of procrastination. Do not have a mindset that tells you to complete things at the end moment because you are good at it. Even the brightest students tend to procrastinate and fail when they have multiple tasks to handle together.
  • Treating PhD like a job: If you think that your PhD institution is like a school or office, come out of that mindset. PhD is a demanding academic programme that asks you to devote your days and nights, as well as weekends. Therefore, you have to be completely flexible with your schedule and time. It cannot be a regular job where you spend 8-9 hours at work.

Our final word is that you should neither aim too high nor too low when it comes to achieving your PhD goals. You should stay focused on research and manage your time efficiently on various tasks. This will help you achieve the real milestones and win over your PhD.

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