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How to write your thesis with clarity?

The purpose of writing is to communicate an idea in a lucid and precise manner. For your writing to be effective you must first organize your thoughts as to what are you want to say. Then write sentences such that … Continue reading

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Zero Draft: A Stage Before the Rough Draft

At the very beginning of the writing process many people are blocked. I perceive the reason for getting stuck is largely because of expecting to be able create an absolutely PERFECT piece from the first day itself. When we begin … Continue reading

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Ways to Give a Great Academic Presentation

Academic conferences are a part of the journey of doing PhD for any scholar. An excellent presentation is a great way to stand out amongst the crowd. The majority of the presentations that are presented very good. That of course … Continue reading

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Does the complexity of the selling process become a challenge for the salesperson?

Who are we selling to? This basic question is often asked to salespersons in the past few years. Varied answers are given by the sales persons ranging from a description of the business segment or a function. Very rarely does … Continue reading

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Retailing on cloud

This is the phase of the most phenomenal change in the retail sector and perhaps the fastest in the last decade at least. The traditional boundaries of competition have been redefined as there has been a reduction in the trade … Continue reading

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Attrition: Not just in the workplace

When talking of attrition it typically means the exhaustion or decrease in the earlier levels in terms of the human capital. In common language, attrition attributes to the decrease in human capital on account of retirement, loss of life and … Continue reading

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