Components of a good PhD title


Indeed, the title of your PhD is the first thing that comes into the notice of the reader, whether it is the proposal or the final thesis. A title that is good and appropriate is very useful in achieving success and the avoidance of failure. There are few things you can take care of when drafting your title, so that your title is the best that it could be:

Firstly, it is necessary for the title to reflect the content of the document, whether it be the proposal or the thesis. It is nothing more than basic sense that if  you work around modifying the content of your thesis, then  you must also modify the title in accordance.

Secondly, your title is  the face of your thesis and represents your thesis in such a way that the reader gets the clue whether or not should he read it. If your title is vague or has elements of ambiguity then it means they do not convey the essential information, which is the focus of your thesis. It is possible and completely acceptable that you may have  to use a subtitle , if there is a need or cause for elaboration in the title. Sometimes adding a sub title also adds an element of cleverness and wittiness in the title, thus attracting the reader towards the document.

An important characteristic of a good title is that it is short and written succintly. A long title often gives the feeling of an abstract. Always know  that an abstract is different from a title a title, imperatively has to be short and still complete in itself.

To summarize, we can say  that a qualities of a good  title are that, it should be relevant, explanatory and succint at the same time. It is optional and subjective if  the writer wants to add an element of cleverness or wittiness in the title but always remember that in no case should there be any sacrifice on the essential features that complete the title.

It isn’t necessary that you may get  success in the  first attempt itself in creating a good title. There may be many failed attempts before you are able to nail out a good title that suits the subject thoroughly and completely, making the reader feel  a sense of curiosity to go forward and know what is included in your thesis.



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  1. Roy says:

    Title should be crisp and reflect what the research is about. It should always involve the scope as title itself gives the complete idea what research is about

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