Descriptive vs. Analytical approach to research

Before explaining the differences between the two types of approaches, let’s gather some basic information about them. A descriptive approach to research is called as a foundation for research. Its logic is based on the statistics of the research analysis. So, the descriptive research can’t take into account the validity of the research results, because it does not explain the causes of the result.

On the other hand, Analytical approach is concentrates on the process of the final result rather giving importance to the result. Analytical approach stands applicable in all stages of research, right from the articulation of thesis to the formulation of arguments on the issues mentioned in the research.

The descriptive research method is basically divided into three types-

• Observation Method
• Case Study Method
• Survey Method

The Observation Method concentrates on observing the subject in both Natural and Laboratory methods to draw the conclusions on the research. Its highly useful in the Natural observation because the original results of the research can be obtained. In laboratory method the result would be according to the quantities of the data provided to the observation. Case study method involves a deep research on the problems discussed. Survey method is based on the questionnnaire prepared for the participants. After participants answer the questionnaire, the research moves towards its final stage.

There are different types of Analytical research methods available. They are,

• Regression Analysis approach
• Grouping Analysis approach
• Multiple Equation Methods

In Regression Analysis the outcome, or the result produced from the research, is affected by the one or more individual elements of the experiment. Therefore, the Regression analysis method is further divided into four major subdivisions – Logistic, Linear hierarchal, Duration, Ordinary least squares (OLS) method.

Grouping methods of analytical approach are based on classification and grouping of the variables in an experiment based on their discriminate values and characteristics. Multiple method is just an extension of Regression method discussed above. This method explains about the path of individual elements in an experiment. There are two main types of multiple equation models – 1) Path analysis 2) SEM-structural equation models.

Finally concluding that there is a vast difference between these research models for an experiment. The research method chosen depends on the type of research being done.

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