How to give feedback for a Research Paper?

There will be times when you would be working on combined research papers or co-authoring with other researchers. These may be one of the situations, when you will be expected to give your feedback to others from time to time. Of course, when you have to do that task, you want your feedback to be just but at the same time be affirming and not humiliating. In addition, it has to be helpfully critical and not crushingly negative.

You need to consider a few points. Let us discuss ways in which you can organise your thoughts better and they are helpful for different stages, when you are creating your feedback.

To begin with, firstly, sum up the main argument of the paper in your own words. When the author gets to know your version of the same, he is able to get a 360 degree viewpoint where interpretation can be matched with the intention. Next thing you need to do is to tell the author about what good he has done to the manuscript by identifying the strengths of the document. Do not forget to include in your feedback, the various pointers that would incline the readers towards this manuscript. It can surely be a good checklist for them.

After having covered the positive aspects of the paper, you can move to the negative areas of the document, where you think the author has the scope to improvise in context of the quality of the document, formatting, grammar et al. Firstly, see the rationale of the paper. Is the author providing a convincing rationale for the document whereby they have emphasised on what they are going to do in the document? Has he presented the significance of the paper, highlighting the novel contribution it would be making in the academia?

After having seen the literature and the justification of the literature, your feedback should necessarily include a thorough review of the research design. It should be explained clearly with sufficient detailing. Give your suggestions for improvement where you think there is necessity and possibility. The paper has to be well structured and the subheads should be connected in a flow. Wherever you feel there is an abrupt change in the flow, you must include your feedback with suggestions on how better flow can be achieved.

Within all these broader evaluation criteria, look for headings, subheading, conclusion, suggestions and recommendations and scope for further research. A powerful start should also have a powerful ending.

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  1. Rajini says:

    While creating your feedback we should prepare a short summary of the entire paper including methodology used. Focus should be on formatting and grammar also. Always remember to be polite.

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