How to write winning grant application for PhD funding?

Confidence and perfection in work play vital role in convincing another person about abilities an individual has and his assessment is done accordingly. It is important to understand the target of any activity. Grants are funding amount given to facilitate the completion of crucial tasks which would benefit larger section of society. To get grant application approved, it is required to understand interests of the funding body. A PhD candidate should be aware of the fact that his grant application seeking funds needs to convince the funding bodies that your proposed research is important for advancement of knowledge. It should be written in a compelling way to let the funding bodies trust your capacity to do research within a limited time frame.

Seeking external funding in the form of grant is a general practice followed by PhD candidates. PhD candidates should know the mindset of funding bodies, that is, on what basis his research will be assessed and how will his research be examined. He needs to present long term vision in his grant application about his proposed research which is for the betterment of society to funding bodies.

Prior step before seeking funds is to know about subject areas where funding has been recently done by a particular funder, because, it depends on funding bodies, whether they would want to invest into same subject as proposed research again or want to facilitate research in other varied subjects. With this, a PhD candidate will know probability of positive result of his grant application. Also, a vital point to consider is future plans of the funder while writing grant application.

Apart from the above-specified basics on writing grant application, a PhD candidate has to appear enthusiastic about his research work through his grant application. A one-page summary of his proposed research pushing on the point of how the grant will help him solve the purpose of research is an effective way.

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