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Common Mistakes in a Dissertation/Thesis

Common Mistakes in a Dissertation/Thesis Home

The dissertation written for a Master's or PhD degree is the most essential document created by the research scholar. It determines his academic career and future growth. In spite of all the precautions that a scholar may take, he can still make some mistakes.

Some of the mistakes commonly found in a dissertation are presented here:

The foundation of a dissertation is strong research. If the scholars limit their research to a narrow viewpoint, they may miss a relevant inference. Alternatively, he may refer to contrasting aspects, and fail to bring them together cohesively.

While paying attention to research, the grammar and flow of the document may be overlooked. If the text lacks continuity, and the different sections do not connect properly, the reader will lose interest.

The language used may not be according to the accepted standard. Further, the style should be academic and clear.

Universities prescribe certain formatting styles, as to the type and size of font, or even the paper used. These can be overlooked if the scholar is not cautious enough.

Citations for the resources used must be in the proper format. The different styles for citation, like the APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard must be studied and the one prescribed by the norms should be followed

The resources can often be outdated, irrelevant or invalid. Hence they must be checked before being used for the dissertation

Use of internet sources to a noticeable extent is also a serious mistake. This can lead to the rejection of the dissertation work by the committee

Incomplete disclosure about the resources used is another crucial error. The scholar might have left out some references, or the details regarding the way the data is collected. Such information must be disclosed

Choosing the wrong methodology or tools for analysis of data can be fatal. They can mar the entire effort, by giving misleading results

A basic mistake that a researcher commits even before starting the dissertation is wrong assessment of the topic and the time it is going to take. Faulty time management can cost the scholar dearly as he can miss the deadline set for submission

These mistakes can be avoided by being cautious and taking some able guidance. The writers at Dissertation India have considerable experience in research work, and save the scholar from committing such blunders.