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Guaranteed Grade Booster Service

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You just did a great research work and put in years of hard work in the dissertation. However, if your Dissertation/Thesis/Journal Paper has not been proof read, there is a high probability of there being format and language errors in the document. We can help ensure that your all-important document gets the appreciation as well as the evaluation it deserves. Our dissertation and thesis proof reading services are the best in class and we guarantee to turn out an error free, logical and presentable research paper

Proof reading here means not only checking the English grammar, sentence structure and clarity of thought but also thorough analysis of work by a senior academician. Our team of editors and proof readers have years of experience in writing and correcting thesis/dissertations. Having proof read scores of research papers they have a fair knowledge of what mistakes students commonly commit. They also know what standards must be followed for turning out an error free, perfect dissertation that gets the merit it deserves.

We not only deliver to you a scoring dissertation; we also guide you on the steps where we make the corrections, so that you know your research to the core. Our editors check the document for grammar errors, language flow, mistakes in format, logical errors, punctuations, spelling mistakes and typing errors. We provide a tracked changes version of the document, a suggestions list and a citation error report. This gives you a thorough knowledge of how your work has been up graded. We also provide suggested research questions list, which proves instrumental in facing your viva or defence for dissertation. Before sending you the final work, we run plagiarism checks, to turn over a research paper that is absolutely free from plagiarism.

Guaranteed Grade Booster Service by Dissertation India is a one of its kind service and assures research scholars of an improvement in the final grades of their research work. The service is a must for scholars pursuing MBA/MSc UK Dissertations and researchers undertaking PhD Dissertations. The grades you get at this stage are not just important for your academic growth, but also impact your career graph

This is one of the most popular services offered by Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd. What makes it so popular is the low cost of service, fast turnaround time and amazing value it offers through an in-depth analysis of your report.

Pricing Grid for Guaranteed Grade Booster Service

S. No Academic Level Word Count Delivery Price in USD Remarks
1. PhD 0-5000 2 Days 125  
2. PhD Upto 10000 3 Days 275  
3. PhD Upto 20000 4 Days 550  
4. PhD Upto 30000 5 Days 850  
5. PhD Upto 40000 7 Days 1050 Best Value
6. Master’s 0-2000 12 Hour 50  
7. Master’s Upto 5000 2 Days 125  
8. Master’s Upto 7500 2 Days 185  
9. Master’s Upto 10000 2 Days 250  
10. Master’s Upto 12500 2 Days 325 Fastest Turn Around
11. Master’s Upto 15000 3 Days 395  
12. Master’s Upto 17500 3 Days 475  
13. Master’s Upto 20000 3 Days 500 Best Value

The list given is comprehensive and presents standard charges. Whatever be your requirement, our flexible plans allow us to fulfil your needs. We give customised services, within the least possible time. To know more about our services or ask for help send us a query and we will revert within 30 minutes.