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Our Service Guarantee

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The surety that we provide to research scholars with regards to all aspects of our service is what differentiates Dissertation India from the other myriad services available online. The writing, editing and proofreading services come together, to form a complete package. We guarantee that, with the resources at our command, we will deliver a flawless research paper.

The company offers a focussed Grade Booster Service, which provides proof reading services, with a guarantee to enhance the value of the dissertation. The document, when put in front of the evaluation committee after being proof read by the experts, is certain to score more than it would have done in its original form.

For all the services, there are some basic benefits that the client can be sure of getting. When we write the dissertation, the content is of the highest quality. The matter is relevant to the topic chosen by the researcher. We guarantee using the latest academic references. The research methodology that we use is the most appropriate and assures the results as required by the researcher.

Apart from being significant, the matter that we write is also original. To support our claim of surety, we run plagiarism tests like 'Turn it in', and provide a plagiarism report along with the dissertation. The match on the plagiarism software report is always under 10 per cent.

Being on time is crucial for a dissertation. Submission of the document after the prescribed deadline can be lead to rejection by the committee. We always remember the urgency of the client and work accordingly. One guarantee that we provide is timely delivery of work. Even when the work is in progress, the client is updated frequently. He receives delivery updates within the promised timeframe. Thus, the client knows what stage the project is in and can track it regularly.

If the researcher faces a problem with any part of the work, he can contact the writer or editor. We ensure expert consultation through email for explanations. Once the work is submitted, the client can ask for revisions. The changes are done according to the feedback of the researcher and the evaluator. Please refer to our revision policies for details about this service.

If the researcher has any urgent query, all he has to do is send an email and his/her query will be answered almost immediately or maximum in one business day. Our 24-hour email response service on all working days ensures that there is no time lag between the request and the solution. Apart from being advantageous for the existing clients, this email support is also available to those researchers who want to gather some information before availing our services.