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PhD Coaching and Mentoring

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Dissertation India introduces one-to-one research coaching and mentoring by PhD experts. This service is designed to offer thoughtful and expert help to research scholars who seek ethical research assistance for completing their Thesis or Dissertation. This service gives our clients the advantage of discussing the problems in detail with our guides, brainstorming and finding solutions in a mutually collaborative manner.

The main motive behind starting this kind of service is to keep the research work as original and personal as possible. We respect the fact that since it is your dissertation, the input and ideas must also be yours. So we do not provide any readymade help, but only guide you towards creating a document that justifies the effort you put in over a long period of time. Our consultation is customised according to the needs of the clients, in order to provide a thorough understanding of the subject on which the research is based.

At Dissertation India, we have built a panel of PhD holders who have been guiding and mentoring scholars around the world on various aspects. They have written and edited scores of dissertations for scholars from across the world, on a wide variety of topic. Backed by a strong background in tutoring and an analytical bent of mind, this team is the best you can get for helping you with your research.

Our methodology for providing the mentoring and tutoring service is interactive. We connect to you through email and online meetings. Our 24 hours email support ensures that your problems get solved within a short time of reaching us.

Whether you are seeking help for research design, developing a questionnaire or formulating a model of study; our experts will render their expertise to your advantage. Further, with over 30 PhD guides already associated with us, you can be certain to find the right assistance here/

The scope of our consulting services is wide, starting right from selection of the topic, to helping you do the data analysis and write the results and discussions chapter. Here is a comprehensive list of our services, along with the charges.

Sr No Chapter Price per hour (Indian Rupees) Minimum Consultation Hours
1 Topic + Proposal Consultation 4000 3
2 Research Design 6000 4
3 Literature Review 4000 4
4 Research Methodology 5000 4
5 Data Analysis - Quantitative 4000 3
6 Data Analysis - Qualitative 4000 3
7 Results & Discussions 5000 5
8 Structure Comments 4000 2

The above mentioned rates are consulting charges and number of hours is calculated on the basis of the time spent by the consultant. Remember that the consulting service is only provided as a guidance and mentoring service, and does not guarantee a ready-to-serve solution.

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