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Revision Policy

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Dissertation writing is a lengthy process and can take a number of months. Feedbacks and the resultant changes in the document consume a significant part of this time. Dissertation India, as a professional team of writers and editors for research scholars, follows the same principle of revision. ity.

Once we deliver the completed dissertation, or a part of it, as the requirement may be, the client gives his feedback. This feedback can be given by the researcher himself, or by his evaluation committee. Our writers and editors study the comments and make the necessary changes for improvement. The motive for revision is to make the research paper worthy of publication.

As per the policies of Dissertation India, any the notification for revisions should reach us within 14 days of submission of the dissertation to the client. In such a case, the revisions are done without any charges (However the original scope of work intact). If there is some feedback and the client asks for changes after the 14-day period, then they have to pay some extra amount, depending upon the extent of alterations and improvements to be done. The minimum time required for any revision work is five days. So the client must ask for revisions keeping in mind this time period.

Also, if the revision is not within the original work scope as decided by the client, then the client may have to pay extra charges for the increased work scope. A maximum of two revisions will be entertained on any document. The client should take ample feedback and study the document carefully before asking for changes to be made. This comprehensive revision policy is unambiguous and non-negotiable. It is communicated to the client at the time of taking up the project.

Our confidence in the ability of our team forms the foundation of this policy. The work delivered by our writers and editors is of the highest quality. Further, it is doubly checked before submission. The writers are in constant contact with the research scholars and take their feedback regularly, after a small chunk of work is complete. The suggestions for improvement are implemented without any delay. The second stage of our examination is peer review. In this process, expert academicians, evaluate the document. They survey each minute detail to produce a flawless research paper. The client receives the final document after the review, along with suggestions for changes.

This exhaustive process of review ensures that there are the least changes to be made after the final submission. Even if, the evaluators want some changes to be made, we respect their judgement on the document and make the changes asked for